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So I just joined this community, and I am a little self-conscious about writing.
I don't really talk to ppl in my daily life about my depression.  My family doesn't believe I have it, but when I tell them I do, they freak out, push me for counseling, or offer to get me on meds.  I guess it's all good that they wanna help, but they treat my like I am a sick with a horrible catching disease. Treating me like that only makes me feel worse.
Some days I don't know how bad I have it or not.  I dunno if I need to be medicated or if I should just ride it out.  How can you tell what you need to do?
No idea....sometimes I just want to stay depressed.

Just recently I broke up with my 2-year long Boyfriend.  I loved him to death and he didn't....I was a shelf girlfriend and he just din't really care about me.  Couldn't ever say he loved me. I found out that as soon as my younger sister turned 18, he started trying to flirt and get with her.  That lasted over 6 months and he told my sister not to tell me that he was talking to her.  I had not idea.  We broke up.

My ex before him is a good friend of my family.  Him and I finally worked up a platonic friendship and we were planning to be roomies and stuff. All of a sudden, him and my sister are going out.  Now he barely talks to me.  The both treat me like I am dumb and they exclude me. 
So now 2 of my ex's have gone for my sister...not to mention how many guy friends of mine have tried for her too.  I really am the lesser of 2 sisters.  She got all the looks,brains, red hair, flirty personality, and my guy friends and even boyfriend were just waiting for her to turn 18, and just using me as a filler in between.  

Sometimes it's just easier to stay depressed.....
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