becky. W (snakewoman) wrote in grief,
becky. W

Need advice

I need some major help not for me but for my wife, about a month ago she went to check on her dad because he lived with us well when she went in there she had found him dead he had passed away in his sleep well she had took it hard which it is normal but then she was doing good and about a week ago things had started to change she don't want to do anything around the house such as clean,and it is like pulling teeth to get her to leave the house, and her mood has changed for the worse all she wants to do is try to fight with me. Or start to act like the way her dad did (he always was mean to both of us) I have been getting more hours at work to help us survive now that it is the only income we have now. I come home and have to clean the house and take care of everything it is almost like she is going into s deep depression and she tels me she don't need help. So can anyone please help on some advice on this I am getting the feeling all she wants to do is try to push me and everyone away.


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