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I am kind of really really freaked out.

So.... interesting day, I turned around to watch the news and as usual they had caught some doctor raping patients. Child patients.

Then I watched a little more when a memory (one of those that has always stuck with you, but you never make sense of them because you just say "Oh, old history type crap") came back to me.

I was nine, I went to the doctor's to get a physical, you know, the normal thing. But it was weird; the doctor insisted that my mom not be in my room when he did it, and all I remember was him putting his hands on my back, then front, then down my pants.....

Now I'm really scared because the afore mentioned caught person was actually a doctor from my hometown area, though I don't remember his name.

So if anyone knows how to stop a panic attack, please let me know because I'm having muchly trouble breathing at the moment.....
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